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4 yrs weve been open

and were still going with no stopping

Thank You to all the members who have made this site

as strong as we are today

Much Love To You All!! :)


yes the groups are back but dont get excited yet

i will be going through and deciding if your group will be approved or not

so pick wisely on how you want to set up the group

only certain ones will be picked












if you have a complaint come here to issue it;;

There are two admins at the moment who are working hard to ensure that this site is a safe site for everyone. Like we said we are NOT shutting down and we are NOT CLOSING. ALL the rumors going around are exactly what they are RUMORS. Please don't fall for them because this site has been up and running for a while and just because someone else decided to make a new one with a smilier name does NOT mean this one will be closing down. On the contrary this site will be up and running. There will be no more drama and please keep the violence out of this website as it is a Violence free environment. If you have any concerns and problems feel free to contact these lovely administrators who will assist you as soon as they can. AGAIN thank you for believing in Vampire Werewolf and Human the original and only website who will provide a fascinating experience you will never forget.


Rachel Cullen

About Her: Admin Rachel Cullen is the owner of this site. Her brother founded this site. This social network was the first one that derived from the twilight saga, it was created by the cullens and has remained a family business ever since. She is the main reason this site is up, and will not be going anywhere. Come to her with anything she has the solution to everything.


Admin Shaay

About her: Admin Shaay, is a trusted admin that helps everyone out when they need it. You can come to her and she will assist you with anything. She's energetic and is always willing to make this site a better place. She is one of Ms.Cullens best friends in real life and they often meet up to discuss how to make this site a better place.

site for layouts

Sunday Sept. 23rd, 2012

 we laid to rest a dear brother and a great friend

Lew you will be forever missed by everyone

and you will be forever loved

thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends

Miss You Goofynut



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